Austrian citizenship #austria-czech


from speaking with the NYC Austrian Consulate several times, including
this past Spring, I understand that the current law allows those whose
Fathers were Austrian Citizens to apply for citizenship, but they are
still working on getting a bill passed that would allow those whose
Mothers were Austrian to apply.
For example, my cousin, whose father was Austrian has the right to
apply, but as of now, because it was my mother who was Austrian, I do
not have the right.
The holdup is with the Nazi party that claimed it does
not want too many Austrians to join the country, read
too many Jews.
With the change in government, it is possible that by the end of this
year, those of us descended through the maternal line will also be
allowed to apply. It dates back to an old Austrian law that recognizes
citizenship passed through the male line but not the female. This was
amended for those who were born AFTER 1984, I believe, but it doesn't
do much good for those of us whose people fled the Nazi regime. The
liberals in government recognize that this is wrong in today's
world, and hope to make it right.

Diana Holdsworth

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