Berger Family #hungary

Liz Halevy-Berger

I shall keep trying until maybe someone recognizes the
family and has some information.

My late father came >from a town called Beregszasz or
Berehovo when it was under Czech rule. It is now just
over the border in the Ukrain.

His mother's name was Betty (Etebeila) (nee
Berkowicz).I do have knowledge of this side of the
family. However I know almost nothing about my
paternal grandfather's family - He was Yehuda (Eugene)
Berger and was a house painter by trade. Th family
lived in the centre of the town on Zrinyi street.

If there is anyone out there who knows of my
grandfather's history or is a member of that family,
please contact me. My father was one of 8 siblings.

Hope to hear >from someone,

Thanks, Liz

Moderator: Have you checked the All-Hungary Database and the Hungarian SIG website? The H-SIG data page includes a number of files with names >from Bereg. Please sign messages with your name and location.

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