Dr. Erno Schwarcz #hungary

Giselle Bodziony

Dear Genners,

I contacted you some months ago, asking you to help me with my search for my
grandfather and his family. I've been investigating now for more than 30
years, the last 5 of them very intensely. I learned a lot, and I collected
plenty of material. In the end, I was looking for my uncle, because he was
told to be the closest living relative to my grandfather and me. After
having written to you I learned in different archives that some information
was inprecise. Luckily
I could find out the precise data, finally. One says that there are no
miracles; but I learned that there are: One week ago I found my
uncle and his wife - and simultaneously three cousins. The
tragic faith of my grandfather, Dr. Ernö Schwarcz, sadly turned out to be
true: he was killed, together with his younger son, in a December's night in
1944 in Budapest >from Hungarian nazis ("Kreuzpfeiler").
I'm thankful now, that I found my uncle and my cousins.
I would like to thank you for your advices and all the mails.

I wish you all the best,


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