Seeking Information on Poljana (Polyana) and Weisz (Weiss) and Alter #hungary

Ruth Busch

I am writing >from New Zealand and trying to trace anyone who be related =
to either Weiss (or Weisz) or Alter >from Poljana (Polyana) =
I'm also looking for anyone who might have be related to people with the =
surname Katz >from Kadjanov (6 kms. >from Munchas) in what was =
Czechoslovakia between World War I and World War II but is now in the =
Ukraine (and belonged to Hungary during WWII).=20
I'm also interested in learning about Munchas (now Munkachevo in the =
Ukraine). My parents were married by the Munchache(?) Rabbi in 1935 and =
lived there until the war. Their surname was Weiss.=20
ruth busch
ps I assume this is the right specialist group given the map changes =
involved above. Please advise.

Moderator: Yes, you have found the right SIG. H-SIG covers areas that were part of the Hungarian kingdom before the end of World War I. this includes Munkacs, which became part of the new nation of Czechoslovakia following the Treaty of Trianon and is now Mukaceve, Ukraine. Have you checked the JewishGen Family Finder and the All Hungary Database for these names?

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