Re: The DEUTSCH family from TAB - ADAND-SIOFOK #hungary


I believe my original message confused some as Dr. Yehuda Klausner wrote in
reponse "I have detected a discrepancy in it.
At the beginning of your letter you write that Lipot DEUTSCHs wife was Kati,
at the end Lipot's wife was Sari CZEISZLER. Which one is it?"

let me clarify:
DEUTSCH LIPOT and KATI's son was:
LAJOS DEUTSCH who married BETTI GOLDHAMMER his son was
LIPOT who married SARI CZEISZLER his son is my
this Lipot had 2 sisters and a brother all mentined in
my original message

This is intersting as not only the Jewish name repeats itself but the
general name as well.

I hope everything is clearer now.

Nava Giron

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