SPIRA Families from Trebic #austria-czech

Elaine and Art <elars@...>

With the assistance of IGI records I have successfully traced some of
the families of the Trebic (Trebitsch) SPIRA clan in Moravia.

There were six children born to Vit SPIRA (1774-?) and Ester? : Abraham,
Jakub, Marek, Hermann, Sara, and Benjamin. At least four of the sons
married. (I have no idea how this family seems to have evaded the
Familiaten laws.)

Any information known to members of the Austria-Czech group about the
following families would be appreciated:

Descendants of the children of Abraham (1800-) and Anna Betha
Vit SPIRA(1829-), Josef SPIRA (1831-), Betty SPIROVA
(1833-)(married to Jindrich Spira),
Leopold (1839-)(married to Rosalie).
Descendants of Jakub SPIRA (1805-), Marek SPIRA (1809-) (married to
Sara SPIROVA (1813-)(married to Pinkas FUCHS)
Descendants of Hermann SPIRA (1811-) and his second wife, Rebekka
Descendants of Hermann Spira and his first wife, Johana MULDON. (My
direct ancestors)
Descendants of Benjamin SPIRA (1815-) and Charlotte HERMANN.

Or any other Spira families >from Trebic.

Please reply privately to the writer.

Many thanks

Art Spira, British Columbia

Researching: SPIRA of Trebic; WERTHEIMER of Trebic; ORNSTEIN of Trebic;
DUERRHEIM of Trebic; MAX of Safov (Schaffa)

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