POLLAK Baja 1817 x WAHRMANN Budapest 1831 #hungary

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Hello dear members,

I am a new member and very glad to join this group.

The grand father of my grand father is Bernhard POLLAK, he was =
around 1817 in Baja (the Magistrat der Stadt Wien gave me a birth date=20=

in 1818, but that date is in contradiction with his age: 74 at his=20
death date: the 8th of novembre 1891 in Vienna according to H. Weiss,=20
Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde Wien). He got married the 29th of july=20
1855 (probably in Hungary but that is not certain as his first child=20
was born in Vienna only 2 years after the marriage...) with Amalie or=20
Amalia WAHRMANN. She belongs to a quite numerous family of Budapest:=20
among her brothers and sisters I found: Rosa (x Rudolf Goldstein), Dr.=20=

Sigmund (x Emma RAAB), Alexander, Josef (+ 6 may 1902), and finaly=20
Moriz (+ 26 november 1892, 21h30 with a daughter: Ren=E9e x Isidor =
DE MEGYER and two sons: Dr. Ernst et Richard). According to the=20
Magistrat der Stadt Wien her first name is Amalia, while she appears on=20=

the death advices of two of her brothers under the name of Amalie=20
Wahrmann. More over, The Magistrat der Stadt Wien gives a birth date=20
1832, but that date is also in contradiction with her age: 74 at her=20
death date the 16th october 1905 in Vienna according to H. Weiss,=20
Israelitischen Kultusgemeinde Wien. Last, concerning her birth place,=20
the Magistrat der Stadt Wien gave me Pest while Garadnai Zoltan=20
believes it should be Obuda as the jewish population lived there=20
until1836 when migration was authorised (as far as I know Budapest will=20=

only be unified in 1876, gathering Obuda, Buda et Pest).

I am looking about any further information about this family, =
and more=20
precisely about the ascendants of Bernhard POLLAK and Amalia WAHRMANN.

If you are interested, you may find details of their descendants =
on my=20
website: http://gw.geneanet.org/fpollak

I hope to hear >from you very soon.

If I can help any member with researchs in Paris or translations =
French >from English, I'll be very glad to.


Francis Pollak, Paris, FRANCE

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