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Hello everybody,
Yes, this is the Rabbi of Likev.
Touvia (Teddy) Goldstein

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Hello Sandor, Melody, Touvia -

I'm wondering if part of the mystery about the Abraham Chaim Schonfelds is
that maybe there was one Abraham Chaim Schonfeld in Stropkov, and another
in Orlik?

from Teddy Goldstein's tree I have that an Abraham Chaim Schonfeld married
Leah Kreindl Goldstein. Their daughter was Hannah Mindl Schonfeld, my
greatgrandmother. Teddy you sent me this tree in 1991. While you don't
have Abraham Chaim Schonfeld's place of birth on this tree, Hannah
Schonfeld and her mother Leah were born in Orlik.
I don't have a date of birth either for the Abraham Chaim Schonfeld or for
Leah, although Leah would have been born betw 1844 and 1849. Hannah
Schonfeld was born 1864 in Orlik.

Hannah also had a brother Moishe Schonfeld, again I don't see any
birthdate for him but judging by the rest of this tree he would be born
betw 1866 and 1873. This is the Moishe Schonfeld who married Dvora Weil.
Is he the Rabbi Moishe of Likev or another Moishe Schonfeld?

Hallie Berliner Feldman

Bacskai Sándor wrote:

Dear Melody Amsel,

I hope it will help you that the Stropkov-born Salamon Amsel was the
sochet in Senyo and later in Nyirbogdany (both are in Szabolcs County,
Hungary). His wife Hani Schonfeld was born in Mezolaborc.
Their children: Ignatz Amsel (1867 in Senyo), Gizella (1886 in
Nyirbogdany), and Samu (1892 in Nyirbogdany).

I don't know whether Salamon Amsel was related or not to Rabbi Yitzchak
Zvi Amsel of Zborov/Stropkov.

Sandor Bacskai
Budapest, Hungary

Subject: Schonfelds of Stropkov
From: Melody Amsel-Arieli <>

My great-grandfather, Avraham Chaim Schonfeld, was the leader of the
Stropkov Jewish community
in the late 1800s. Other than this, I know nothing about him, nor have
I seen the name Schonfeld before or after in all my Stropkov research.
However,I do have two slim clues that, hopefully, ring a bell....

Can anyone help?
Thanks, Melody

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