Re: Goldsteins, Schonfelds, Berliners and how about Horowitz? #hungary

Hallie Feldman

Another thought I have on this:

Teddy, someone in the family you introduced me to, also has Horowitz in
his lineage. Maybe Dan Goldstein? I can't remember. There is a
Goldstein somewhere, >from David Goldstein's second wife, and they are
married into the Horowitz family of matzo fame.

I noticed in Moishe Miller's tree other Horowitz's.

And in my tree, Chana Mindl Schonfeld married into the Berliner side,
which was also descended >from Lorbers, and Melody your Australian
relatives were also of Berliner and Lorber descent.

Moishe when you contacted me last november I noticed also all the Chana
Mindl's in your tree.

I'm wondering how far back we would all have to go to find out we were
all related. Could our Moishe Schonfeld and your Moishe Schonfeld be
named for the same Moishe Schonfeld back say in 1790?

How would we find the ancestry of the Abraham Chaim Schonfeld who
married Leah Kreindl Goldstein?

Well nice to know we have some mystery in our family - makes it so much
more intriguing!

Hallie Berliner Feldman wrote:

Dear Group (and especially Melody, Touvia & Hallie),

This tree seems to have a connection to my research. The
name Chana Mindel was the name of the wife of the Bnei
Yissoschur, R' Hersh Mylech SPIRA (1783 - 1841). They had a
son-in-law named Moshe Schonfeld (1810 - c.1883). It would
seem that your Moshe Schonfeld, born before 1883 (much
before), would not be >from this line, based on common
Ashkenazik naming caonventions of not naming after living

Perhaps, these Schonfleds in your tree were related to the
Schonfelds in my tree. Perhaps further, someone in this
line DID in fact marry into the Bnei Yissochur line
(indicated by the existence of the Chana Mindel name in
your tree), but just not >from the line of Sara Spira
married to Moshe Schonfeld (1810 - c.1883). The Bnei
Yissoschur had 7 known children (see the page at:
for more detail). Maybe your line married into one of the
other six lines.

Your thoughts would be welcome.

Moishe Miller
Brooklyn, NY
On Sat, 21 May 2005 12:25:15 -0700
Hallie Feldman <> wrote:

I put a tree >from 1991 on my personal webpage.

If you go to www/

under Hallie's albums, there is one marked genealogy.

In the genealogy album, the first three pages are
pictures. Pages 4 and 5 are a tree which Touvia
Goldstein made in 1991. It has birth and death dates and
other information I am not finding elsewhere.

It includes information on the siblings of Moishe

Hallie Feldman

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