Spharadim Jewes In Hungary #hungary


Vivian Kluska wrote the other day:"I grew up with the "myth" that my family
*must* have originated >from the
Sephardim because my grandfather had dark olive skin, black eyes and black
Further, my mother said our family had come to Hungary after the
of Jews >from Spain. However, I have no supporting documents...so this
remains ...a "myth".....
Did anyone else grow up with a myth such a this?"

Well I grew up with the same story >from my mother's side of the Family:
The GESMAI family ( later wrote as GESMAY to make it more Hungarian) is
believed to have fled >from the Spanish inquision . My mother, her cousin,
her second Cousin ( all 3 ladies born between 1904 and 1927) knew the
following story:
Sometime before WWI !!! some GESMAI relative did a geneological research
and found out that the first GESMAI ever fled the Spanish inquisition to the
U.k . married a girl >from the ABRABANEL family and later on them or their
descendents moved eastwords to Central Europe. I mentioned the 3 ladies
birth dates just to stress the fact that none of them ever saw the family
Researching the family roots , in the last 6 month, I could say it is hard
to believe that this relative could base his research on documentation (
unless of course someone had an old bible or something that was lost ) as we
all know going back >from 1850 is very hard let alone to the 1400's. .
I hope some day I will be able to prove this relative was right.
In the meantime I know for sure 2 things:
1. all the beareres of the GESMAI/GESMAY/GESCHMAI family name are
relatives. The only question is how.
2. Some of the GESCHMAI family is >from RONSPERG CZ which is about 520 km.
west of the town the first GESMAI in Hungary is mentioned . This could
support the story.

We also have some dark , olive skinned relatives still living in Hungary,
and my mother allways says it is because we are originally >from Spain.

Furthermore, as I know Jewish history ( >from School) , I know that most of
the German and East European jews came >from Spain. the rulers of the German
and Polish cities gave the Jews who were merchents rights to settel in
their cities as they brought progress with them ( and later they killed them
if they had the chance....) so it must be true for nearly all of us.

Nava Giron

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