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Robert Neu

1715 Census Search

1.Go to:

2. Select the 1715 Census

Do this by clicking on the envelope like yellow box in
front of the name of the census.

You will get the 1715 shown as selected and a list of
cities and counties of Old Hungary.

3. Select the city or county you want. This is a
“POSITIVE” list.If what you want is not there, then
it’s not there.
I selected “Veszpre’m” and got a “POSITIVE LIST” of
all the cities that are there. They appear as they are
in the Census. As an example I am interested in
Varpalota. It appears as Palota, and NOT in
alphabetical order.

The names on the census appear “transcribed” in the
order they are on the census.

5. If you scroll to the bottom you will see the
page(s) number where the data appears. By clicking on
the page you will get a copy of the original document
which you can magnify.

Note the first names are “latinized”(as are the rest
of the details), the only thing in Hungarian are the
family names. Are they any Jews there? I would venture
yes. The fact that the names are “Magyarized” I would
suspect only reflects the action of the census taker.
The cities of Papa, Veszprem and Varpalota should have
had a number of “German sounding names” other than
Jewish ones.

As a matter of details on the top of the first page it
shows that the town of Palota belonged to the “Zichy”
noble family, which by the way accepted Jewish
families >from early one.

In the same vein the city of Papa belonged to the
“Eszterhazy” noble family who also accepted Jewish
families early on (Think Burgenland.)

Any Jews there in Papa ? Well, there is a last name of
“UJ” - to my knowledge rarely used in Hungarian, and
yes, it means “Neu”.

Did Jews have last names before JosepII? For at least
German, Bohemian, Sephardic Jews(meaning originally
from Spain) more than likely yes. The proof of the
pudding is always in the eating.

Also remember in 1736 there were only 2500 Jewish
households in all of Hungary with the greater majority
in the counties bordering Austria, Bohemia and

Happy hunting


P.S. If you want the images that go with the above
send me an e-mail and I will send you an attachment as
images won't display in "plain text" and lyris does
not take attachments.

--- wrote:

I've made yet another find in cyberspace.

If you are fortunate enough to know where your
family was living in
1715 you will be ecstatic to learn that the 1715
Census can now be
found on-line at the Hungarian State Archives
website! The search
engine is in Hungarian and the records are, like the
1828 Census, in
Latin, but with a bit of effort it's possible to
find and download
pages >from the census.

Go to

Enter the name of the place (wild cards are OK) in
the space that says
Helyseg and click on Kereses (search)

What you will get is a list of names of taxpayers
(Adozok neve) >from
that place.

Click on the number that appears below the names
next to the word
Oldalszam and you will see an image of the page from
the census.

It is very interesting to see that there are a
number of Jewish taxpayers
listed, especially in larger cities. Try entering
names in space under Adozok and see what comes up.
What you will get at the lower right side of the
screen is a list of places where the name appears.
Click on the name of the place and the list of names
for that place will be displayed above. Click on
the numbers below the entry to see images of the
pages for that community.

This is a very interesting resource even if you
don't find anything!

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

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