Re: Sfaradim Jews in Hungary / ROSANES #hungary

Robert Neu

The name Rosanics or Rozonics is not Hungarian but
Slavic, the "ics" means simply son of. Check if they
appear on the records of Kismarton/Eisenstadt which
had an early Jewish community.

Robert Neu

--- Ruben Weiser <> wrote:

The brother of my greatgrandmother(Schwartz family
from Szabolcs
county),used to say that we are decendents of the
autor of mishne lamelech
,who was rabbi Yehuda Rosanes >from Turkey.
When i ask him how was it posible that we are
ashkenasim and decendents of
sfardim,he answer that all the Schwartz family come
from spain in the
inquisition time.
I never find out any Rosanes living in hungary but i
found some living in
this month i found in the 1715 census 3 Rosanics or
Rozonics living in a
small town near Kismarton(Eisenstadt).can they be
jewish?or it is just a
similar hungarian lastname?.
anyone with the same story?

Ruben Weiser.
Buenos Aires

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