Re: SPIRA Families from Trebic - Pt II #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

In my previous posting, mainly intended for beginners, I talked about
the resources available on our Austria-Czech web site, on Jewishgen
generally and through the IKG, Vienna to look for links. I have divided
the analysis into two parts because of lack of space. Tragically, we
have two other very powerful resources: the Yad vashem and Letter to
the Stars [Holocaust victims >from Austria] databases:

I have used the SPIRA family as an example and sadly, have found that
both sites have links to SPIRA >from Trebitsch [search with Trebic and
Trebitsch]. >from Vienna we have 42 SPIRA victims with Ferdinand [18.2.1858]
and Emil [30.1.1869] definitely identified as having been born in Trebitsch.

Furthermore on Yad vashem we have testimony for:

1. Emil: son of Joseph* and Katarina [son Otto in Israel]. Emil was
married to Ida STARK - testimony given by his brother-in-law in Israel,
Eduard STARK in 1957.

2. Therese nee ORNSTEIN [ 28.10. 1882] married to Gustav SPIRA [mentioned
in Part 1]. Testimony >from her daughter-in-law Miriam SPIRA in Israel on
12 Aug 1985 with a photograph attached.

3. Gustav [ 9.11. 1876] married to Therese >from Trebic was the son of
Wilhelm and Josephine. He was born in Frankenmarkt, Austria. His SPIRA
family may also have had Trebic connections as he married Therese >from
that picturesque Moravian town. Miriam again gave testimony and provided a

4. Walter [3.07.1880]. Walter was the son of Jacob* and was married to
Leontine nee MANDEL. We can find this tragic couple on Letter to the Stars,
but Walter's birthplace, Trebitsch, is not mentioned.

Hence this shows how important it is to search both these databases side
by side. Walter and Leontine lived in Vienna. Leontine is not clearly
identifiable on Yad Vashem - she may be identical to SZAPIRA Liba >from
Austria born in 1883 - this date corresponds with the information we have
on Leontine on "Letter to the Stars"; Leontine was born on 03.12.1883 in
Opava. Leontine SPIRA was deported >from Prague to Theresienstadt on
30.01.1942, the same day as Walter.

It is very likely that there are descendants in Israel and we depend on
our helpful SIG members with Moravian - Trebitsch/Trebic connections to
identify them. I thank them in advance.

Celia Male [U.K.]

* Art told us about Josef SPIRA (1831-) and of Jakub SPIRA (1805-) of
Trebic. Emil could be the son of Josef and Walter could be the grandson
of Jacob, but we need to check vital records carefully before that
can be confirmed.

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