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Do City Directories exist for other communities?

I am interested particularly in Vasvar, Andrasfa, and

How might I research them >from the United States?

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Budapest City Directories exist >from the 1880's
through 1928 at least.

I have consulted some of these at the Szechenyi
National Library and at the
main Erwin Szabo (Budapest City) Library on the
fifth floor. (As the
Registers in the Budapest City Archives have no
indices it is essential to
find your family and their address in order to
narrow the search, as the
registers are by district). You need a card to use
either of these
libraries, the one for the city library is free, you
just show your
passport. The Szechenyi Library charges a modest
sum for annual membership.
The librarians are helpful though finding an
English speaker Erwin Szabo
is a challenge - go get a student and ask them to
help. In the Szechenyi
Library there are very kind staff members in the
reference rooms who will
find an English speaker. These books are available
on the open shelf so
there is no need to order them. But you do need to
register for a table in
the National Library.

They are indexed by family name which then gives a
district (Roman Numeral)
and address (Street name followed by number) So,
for example, one could
find, "Podvinecz Hermine, maganzo, VI Nagymezo u
33". The index gives

Peter Bakos

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