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What do the three letters "lamed-pey-koof" mean, after the year?
the three letters are an abbreviation of "lifrat qatan", which indicates that the date is written without the millenium (i.e "665" instead of "5665").

I would like to know if there is a difference between "Hersch" and
practically, they are the same name, >from the german/yiddish for deer. local dialects often change the pronunciation of yiddish vowels. the spelling on this stone, however, doesn't go either way - it is spelled "h-r-sh", leaving the reader to fill in the vowels. normal yiddish spelling would have used either a yud (for "hirsch") or an ayin (for "hersch").

In the marriage record of his daughter (20 years after her father's death),
his Hebrew name is Menachem (an abbreviation that nobody could figure out
but could be "hey-mem") Mendel HaLevi. It is strange that the symbol on his
tombstone is a tree.
"hey-mem" is probably "hamekhuneh", which means "known as" or "nicknamed". obviously, whoever officiated at the wedding felt that mendel needed a "proper" hebrew name, and so they gave him one. this would be more common at a divorce, where the rabbinic court is very careful about the details of the parties' identities, than for the deceased father of the bride at a wedding, but...

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