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I found the name of my cousin Magda Lorincz in the list of Jewish
Gen. She was born in 16 when taken to Camp Dachau. The last date she
was heard of was December 1944.
Today I found her name among survivors who might be living in the U.S.A
in the Yad Vashem Library in "The registry of jewish holocaust
survivors" vole. 3 p.264 was issued by The Holocaust Museum in the U.S.A
in 2000.
In the book the only information is the name written as Lawrence Magda
and her place of birth-NYIRLUGOS in Hungary.
Maybe that is the name she spelled her name in U.S.A
I would appreciate any help I can get to verify if she is alive and
living in the U.S.A.
How can I find her?
Does anyone know of any other Holocaust search sites that might be


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