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tom klein <h-sig@...>

the moderator, and other members of the list, have already solved this mystery adequately. ("n." would be a fairly normal hungarian abbreviation for "nagy".) but it may still be helpful to add a note about technique:

if you use the radix 1913 gazetteer, <>, you will find a whole bunch of towns containing "karoly", >from (pre-world war one) "greater hungary". it lists the hits that it finds by name, and includes their designation (size of community), megye, and present-day country, as well as mapping their locations. it works with partial names as well, making it a useful tool for working out misspellings, etc. the only caveat is that it will ONLY take unaccented letters, but it will match them correctly to their accented forms. (e.g. searching for "karoly" will find "ka'roly", etc.)

and no, i don't get any form of compensation for publicizing this site.

....... tom klein, toronto

"Henry Lifton" <> wrote:

I have an EI record for someone who could be my GM. The place of last
residence is called N. Karoly. It is very clear on the record. Does
anybody know where this is?

I don't seem to fine it in any data bases


Moderator: Nagykaroly, Szatmar megye, is now Carei, Romania.

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