Jewish records from Trebic & Vienna {and Blattna?} on IGI. #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

I have just come across one of the strangest entries*
on a well -known genealogical internet website

It intrigues me, because I have been unable to find
out much about the Jews of Blattna, Bohemia [see
Austria-Czech message archives for my posting on
this]. Was this a couple that perhaps were baptised
later? Of course, I have no proof that they were
Jewish but if you enter the International Genealogical
Index [IGI] Continental Europe, you find PICK from
Trebic who obviously were.
We already know that the Jewish SPIRA family is listed
and we can find the father of Johanna MULDONOVA - Wolf
MULDON, who must have been born ca 1780. Johana [sic]
married Herman [sic] SPIRA on the 31 March 1844.

How did these Jewish SPIRA, MULDONOVA/MULDON and PICK
records >from Trebic {and Vienna} appear on this
website? Did they partially film the records or did
someone submit ancient family trees with these names?
I suspect the latter.

When I picked on [sorry!] Therese PICK born in Vienna
26 Feb 1841 to Josef and Maria, I cross-checked with a
list I have for Jewish births in Vienna pre 1848 and
I found a {Resi} Therese PICK born in Vienna in 1841
and her father was >from Bosing in Hungary. I wonder if
these are one and the same? Again, I wonder how she
turns up on the IGI list.

And then there is Sofia PICK born 7 DEC 1843 Wien,
Austria daughter of Ignaz and Regina; she also appears in the
early Jewish records list with father [unnamed] being
a K und K Stadtwaag pachter.

Conclusion: We definitely have some early
Trebic/Trebitsch, Moravia and Viennese Jewish records
available for us on this site.

Again, comparison of various sources is a great help
in this work. Needless to say, the families I am
personally interested in for my early family tree are
not listed. Just my luck!

Celia Male [U.K.]

*Mystery entry:

Mrs Pick Female
About 1686 Of, Blatna, Boehmen Koenigreich, Austria

Spouse: Mr Pick
About 1706 Of, Blatna, Boehmen Koenigreich, Austria

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