difficulties with Yad Vashem #hungary

Karen Cecilio <kcecilio@...>


In a letter explaining the pitfalls of Yad Vashem, Alfred
Silberman of Monsey, NY writes:
"It is very important to actually look at the originally
submitted document. The information transcribed is not
necessarily the information submitted."

A problem that I often come across is that when I need to look
at the original submitted document, and I attempt to enlarge it
but clicking on it, the result of that is a picture of the
document that is about one centimeter square!

I have found, though, that if you download the document to your
computer (by right-clicking and pushing "save picture as") and
then open there, it will then be large enough to read.

I, too, have learned that if I get no returns on a query to try
it again two or even three times. Often, returns come after a
second try.

Karen Cecilio
Silver Lake, Ohio


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