How to get a book? #hungary

B. Frederics <picturethisfilm@...>

Hi Tom,

A while back I asked the National Szechenyi Library in Budapest to make a
xerox copy of a book my 2nd gr-grandfather wrote but which was unavailable
anywhere. They did it for a very reasonable fee, if I remember correctly it was about $35US. If the Slovak library won't do it, contact the =
Szechenyi Library at . Perhaps they have a copy of the book.

Good luck.

Bonnie Frederics
Tucson, AZ
From: "Tom Venetianer" <>
To: "H-SIG" <>
Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2005 7:41 AM
Subject: [h-sig] How to get a book?

Dear all,

I need a tip. My uncle, a Holocaust victim and a quite prominent =3D
wrote a book, published in 1938. I discovered a copy in a Slovak library =
and tried to buy it but was turned down by the chief librarian.

Any ideas about how I could convince her to sell it to me. To the =3D
the book is just an old tractate dusting on their shelves, for me an
invaluable memorabilia.

Many thanks and regards
Tom Venetianer <>
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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