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Bacskai Sándor <bacskaisanyi@...>

Dear Sam,

I just came >from Transcarpathia, that visited for up to date
impressions about the archives.
I guess there is not problem to get data >from the post 1895 civil vital
records -- if you have a bit of luck. The vital record books are
preserving by register offices (ZAGS) of the 13 districts.
The problem is the accessing to the pre 1895 Jewish records, of course.
I had been at some archives in Ungvar, Munkacs and Beregszasz, and
nobody of archivists could say me, what kind matters has exactly, and
where are the pre 1895 Jewish vital records. For example the 1867-1874
BMD entries of Beregszasz are in the Beregszasz Archives, but the
archivist able not to imagine where are the more years of the records.
The Beregszasz Archives also has the 1879-1887 entries of some towns of
Maramaros, as like Nagybocsko, Lonka, Karacsonyfalva etc. - it can show
well the troubled situations. I have known that years ago some matters
were moved >from the Beregszasz Archives to Ungvar, but the archivist
doesn't have information, what kind of matters exactly.
Regarding Ungvar vital records, I went to three different archives to
look for, and finally can imagine that the fourth preserves it.
I'm sure that will able to access to all Jewish records - and maybe the
1848 Jewish census of Bereg and Ugocsa too -, but need a bit more time
and luck for it.


Sandor Bacskai
Budapest, Hungary

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