1787 patent on Jewish given names #austria-czech

Michael Gordy

Much has been written on the adoption of surnames by Jews in the
Austrian lands, but less on rules governing given names. I have found
two Czech-language sources on a decree of 27 August 1787 (under Josef
II) establishing a list of given names that Jews would be permitted to
use. The restrictions were lifted by court order on 20 July 1836.

First, can anyone point to an English-language discussion of these
rules? We don't seem to have anything on the SIG FAQ. The
Czech-language sources are:

Second, my understanding is that the list excluded common names of the
time such as Herschl and Loebl. A casual glance at the birth
registers of Strassnitz (fond 1073, vol 1958) suggests that the names
were used regardless, though perhaps less frequently than they were in
earlier years. Has anything been written on the extent of enforcement
in Moravia?

Michael Gordy
Takoma Park, Maryland, USA

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