Budapest - Buda - Pest Question #hungary

Karen Cecilio <kcecilio@...>


I am actively researching my husband's line, KAUNITZ (KAUNICZ)
who lived in the villages of Baan, Nyitra, Illava, Dubnicz, etc.
I am finding at some points that some of them move to the city
of Budapest.

I am interested in looking at the LDS films of the city, but am
rather baffled by what the differences are between Buda, Pest,
Obuda, and Budapest itself. Are they all districts of the same
city, or are they their own individual towns?

A little primer would be helpful. I can't seem to find a good
explanation online.

Thank you,
Karen Cecilio
Akron, Ohio

KAUNITZ (any part of the Jewish line of KAUNITZ, anywhere.)

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