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I do not know of the name Nafteli. However the name 'Naftali' is of
Biblical origin,
he was one of the sons of Jacob and Leah.
It can be pronounced: Naftali , Naftuhlee, etc.
The nicknames can be: Tully, Naftul-che, etc.

Russian and French equivalents of this name may be 'Anatoly' or 'Anatole',
Regarding English, or German names, that was totally up to the ideas of
the parents.
Sometimes, a secular name would be chosen whose first letter matched the
sound of the
Hebrew name. So therefore, anything starting with an 'N' (or even not) is

Since Jacob's son, Naftali, was likened to a deer in Jacob's blessings,
sometimes the name
'Tzvi' (deer in Hebrew) or 'Hersh' (deer in Yiddish) was added.

Miriam Rubin
New York

Bobby Jacobs <>
08/16/2005 09:26 PM
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Nafteli is the first name of several members of my family. I assume this
is a German name, but I'm not sure. Any idea what the American name for
this would be?


and Howard Jacobs

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