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hi friends
a report >from Kosice.......Viv Kahn just left for Michalovce and I
tried my luck at the cemetery...compared to Budapest aka the jungle,
this one is easy. Not. The bad news is there is a serious confusion
about where plots are even though the online list makes it sound
orderly. With great difficulty the Rabbi?s office here was able to find?
only 2 of the many names I had in a plotted location. Even then it was?
a matter of reading the names around the desired stone to orient?
oneself. brush up on your Hebrew for the old cemeteries....and take the?
superb advice of Bobbi Furst....workgloves, long workshirt, heavy shoes?
and socks and pants and I would add a walking stick or use the tripod,?
as I did, to test the weeds ahead for sunken in spots which are?

The good news is that there was a crew there today with weed wackers?
working their way up the hill of the cemetery clearing out the?

Other very important news...the state archive apparantly only has the?
same Jewish films for this area as are available >from the FHL...very?
frustrating. The city archive, which has the Jewish documents, which?
even the Rabbi did not know, was very uptight about acknowledging them,?
much less letting them be seen. Fortunately I had printed out the list?
of the contents of the archive >from the site and had my?
guide-translator show them we understood these documents were available.

The director said they are what is called unsorted files which means?
they can be with held, if I understand this correctly, until they are?
sorted as there is no way otherwise to know if something is missing?
when a researcher looks at the material. He reluctantly allowed me to?
see one box of documents >from 1900 , hey a Furst and an Auslander?
wedding, I took notes...when I found a potential kin and asked for?
copies the song and dance took 2 hours and about 3USD a page to get?
the quote unofficial unquote copy. Very tense, do not go there without?
consulting experienced guide, Rabbi, Viv or me.

Rabbi here is collecting items for what he hopes will be future?
memorial in renovated I gave him some pictures and copies?
of letters >from survivors in family in 1945 and1948.

more some other time.......Sunday I will meet Gabi Svatos in?
Linda Rakoff
Newton MA USA
now a road traveler in Slovakia

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