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Everything in Hungary was filmed up to Oct 1 1895, the point at which
civil registration was started.This project was done in 1965 at the
National Archives in Budapest.(In recent years there is a new project on
the way where civil records, i.e. post 1895 are being filmed and some are
available on microfilm--it would be interesting to find out in what
order/ context is this being done).

The way the old records were divided between the new countries after the
war was that the country where the District/Jaras seat resided got the
records for the entire district, even if some of the villages were not
there. Example: Kiraly Helmec was the district seat for Bodrog district
and after the war it became Slovakia. All the district records including
Cigand, Rozvagy, Karad etc which are in Hungary went along and were
excluded >from the 1965 project, thus do not appear on the FHL films.

However, interestingly enough the regional archives in Ujhely do have the

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