Vivian Kahn

I recently learned of my great-great-grandparents Anna LEFKOVICS and
Izak (Benjamin Yitzhak haKohen) KOHN. They probably lived in what is
now eastern Slovakia, possibly near Michalovce (Nagymihaly) in Zemplen
or Sobrance (Szobrancz) in Ung megye. Their daughter Sara (Sali), my
great-grandmother, was born in 1846 and married Markus (Mordechai,
Marek) MOSKOVITS whose family lived in Szobrancz and Ungvar. In the
Michalovce cemetery I also found a grave for Ruchel (Roza) MOSKOVITS
(1832-1918) daughter of Yosef LEFKOVITS. She might have been my
great-grandmother's cousin. Please get in touch if any of these names
sound familiar.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

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