Re: Kosice Cemetery-Tom's concerns #hungary

Gabriela Svatos

Please don't forget the the word Zidovsky has a soft "Z" sound like Zsido.
This means that there is a diacritical mark above the "z". In order for
your search to find the word, you have to incorporate the diacritical.

The URL which our moderator added at the end of Moshe's message works, and
if you click on it you will see that there are plenty of "jewish" and
"zidovsky" references on the site. If you do not have a "cs"
keyboard/fonts, they I would recommend that you cut and paste one of the
"Zidovsky" words into your search terms and voila. Diacriticals are a pain
for us >from across the big pond, but they are a fact of life.

Good luck,

Gabriela Svatos
Richmond Hill, Ontario
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