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Re Jewish cemeteries in Slovakia
My ancestors are buried in two different cemeteries in Kecerovce, near =
Kecerovce was originally built two different villages which were joined =
by a wooden bridge, which was destroyed by the invading German army =
during the second world war. The two villages were Kecerovsky Kostalani =
and Kecerovsky Peklany.
My great great grandmother Rebecca Lichtenstein is buried in the former =
Kecerovsky Kostalani and my great great grandfather Mordechai =
Lichtenstein is buried in the former Kecerovsky Peklany. My husband and =
I visited the cemeteries in 2002 at which time the local villagers =
arranged for the cemeteries to be tidied up, as they were in a =
deplorable condition. I have photos if anyone is interested.
I would be happy if these two cemeteries could be added to the official =
list of Jewish cemeteries in Slovakia.
Thanks =20

Kathryn Berman

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