Birth Certificates for Carpathian region #hungary

Eva Blanket

Subject: Birth Certificates for Carpathian region
From: Eva
Date: 15th Sept.2005

Hi All.....I am trying to find the whereabouts of the 'Birth/Death/Marriage'
records for the towns of Nizni Vorota (Also Vereczky), Zdeneve (Zhdenovya,
Talamas, Torun, Synevir and Chust (Huszt) all in the Carpathian region from
the 1880's onwards, or even earlier, until 1930. Would anyone know where
would be the best place to search? Are these databases available on the net
by any chance?

Searching HERMAN - Nizni Vorota
LIPSHITZ - Zdeneve
WEIS - Talamas/Hukliva
DAVIDOVITS - Synevir, Chust

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