Date of death of SCHLESINGER Katalin #hungary

Georges Graner

Dear Siggers,
Could you help m to solve an irritating puzzle.
Here are the facts.
In 1946, I was 13 and lived in France with my parents. I remember
vividly that at the end of summer, my father learned the death of his
mother SCHLESINGER Katalin, widow of GRANER David, in Budapest. I
have never known the precise date of this death but it is associated
in my mind to several other events of this period that I don't want
to detail here.

Very recently, a genealogist in Budapest found in the records of the
Orthodox Jewish Community of Budapest a death record of my gm, dated
of January 13, 1948, i.e. 16 or 17 months later that what I thought.
Moreover, he also found the grave and he sent me the picture. One can
clearly read the Hebrew date corresponding to January 13, 1948.

I am only two explanations, but both are bad !!
First explanation: for some reason, the Orthodox Jews write down a
date which is not the death date ????
Second explanation : the news of the death were reported to my father
after a delay of 6 months, i.e. July 1948 and not 1946 as I remember ????

I asked several times the Hungarian genealogist to try to find the
record at the City Hall but for some reason, he did not try. I
vaguely remember that she lived in Dobb utca. What is the
corresponding "kerulet" ? Can you give me the address of the City Hall.


Georges GRANER

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