Re: Szadello, Abauj-Torna #hungary

Marian Brown

Has anyone ever found the records for Szepsi (Moldava nad Bodvou)? LDS
doesn't have them.

Marian Brown
Cincinnati, OH

Bacskai Sándor wrote:

Dear Bonnie Frederics,

The current name of SZADELO (accents on the "a" and "o") is ZADIEL in
Slovak. The village is located between Kosice and Roznava, abt. 15
kilometers >from Szepsi (Moldava nad Bodvou in Slovakian), and close to
the border of Hungary. If you need the entries of Szadelo Jews, you
can find them in the Jewish records book of Szepsi, I think.


Sandor Bacskai
Budapest, Hungary

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