Re: Ersekjuvar's Film #hungary

Robert Neu

As they say be thankful for small blessings. I don't
know how you found the film, as the FHL Catalog is
deficient (in my opinion) for that search.

1. The film is part of the over 600 films that the FHL
has for the Hungarian 1869 Census.

Normally you should be able to get the reference by
searching the catalog at "" and doing
a "Place Search."

At the present time such a search will come back

The only way you can get it is by doing a "Key Word"
search with either "Hungary 1869 Census" or just
"Ersekujvar." Then you will have to page down until it
appears (on the eighth page down display.)


Actually "Ersekujvar, Nyitra, Hungary" is now "Nove
Zamky, Nitra, Slovakia."

So you should also be able to find it by doing a place
search for "Nove Zamky". Unfortunately all you will
get is a reference to a film 1454387 about some
military vital statistics for that town and it will
erroneously tell you that Nove Zamky is in the Czech

Hopefully it will get corrected.

2. As to Births, Marriages, Deaths for Ersekujvar/Nove
Zamky they are not available (hopefully yet) >from the
FHL. They either have not yet been filmed, can't be or
not yet catalogued.

As they say in French : "Bonne Chance et Patience"

Robert Neu

P.S. I also have family >from that town.

--- Dominique Lang <>

I have certainly found my family thanks to the 1869
census on JewishGen. It is
located in a town called "Ersekujvar" in the county
of Nyitra. The LDS Film
is 2150660#1 (item 1).
I have two questions:
1) why in the LDS site the film 2150660 hasn't a
description of his subject
and appears very difficult to locate? Perhaps the
site in not complete.
2) How can I found the number of the film with a
birth act in Ersekujvar for

Thanks for your ideas.
Dominique Lang (France)

Moderator: It is not clear >from your message
whether you have looked at the microfilm of the 1869
Census or just the entry in the FHL catalog. The
All-Hungary Database lists more than 1200 names that
appear in the 1869 Census >from Ersekujvar. The AHD
is an index that is not intended to list all of the
information available in the original source.

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