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Dear Pamela,

Of course you have *one clue*, which is that your mother was born in Arad. Arad is now in Romania, but belonged to Hungary and was located in Transylvania. Try searching beginning >from there.

Another clue is the "long" name your grandfather carried. This is a long shot, but he could have noble ascendency. Only nobles used several given names, certainly it must have been very rare for Jews to carry four given names (Martin Carl Philip Ferdinand). All of these names are non-Jewish and specially Carl and Philip were common among German-Austrian nobility. Being a noble brings some research advantages, since there are special registers for Hungarian-Austrian noblemen.

BTW, usually one has to search using place names and not family names. Vital records are classified and stored according to the town where the registration was conducted.

Good luck

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Subject: A puzzle - searching for Martin Heller and family
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Hello List

I wonder if anyone can help me solve a family puzzle.

My grandfather was born in Hungary in 1868 (according to his age on marriage
certificate) or 1863 (according to his age on death certificate) and died in
London in 1928.

His will names him as Martin Hirsh Heller, with brothers Bela and Samuel
then living in Hungary (1928). He had had a sister, Jennie, and her
widower, Adolf Schaechter, living in London, was mentioned in the will.

His civil marriage certificate (London 1904) names him Carl Martin Heller,
son of
Carl Martin Ferdinand Heller, deceased.

The birth certificate of his eldest son (Phillip Ferdinand Heller, born
Stourbridge, UK, 1905) names him Martin
Carl Philip Ferdinand Heller.

He went on to have two other sons, Andor and Samuel, but I have not been
able to trace their births yet and I suspect that they may have been born in
Hungary. His daughter, my mother, was born in Hungary (Arad) in 1911.

I would like to try to trace his birth and the rest of his family but I do
not know which of these names are likely to be his birth names! I also do
not know which part of Greater Hungary he and/or his family came from.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Tom Venetianer <mailto:tom.vene@uol.com.br>
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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