Pamela Furmidge's Family Mystery #hungary

John J Kovacs <j.kovacs@...>

Pamela Furmidge is trying to reasearch her grandfather
and his family.

I think your family mystery lies with your mother. If
you can locate her birth record, probably in the city
of Arad records then I think you will have your
grandfather's proper name.

Was your mother in the Heller grandfather's will who
died in 1928? I am sure you must have thought about
the interesting fact that the "grandfather" you found
had children in the U.K. in 1905 and fathered your
mother in Hungary in 1911 and possibly other children
and still supposedly living and finally being buried
in the UK in 1928. Could you be loooking at two
different Hellers?

I suspect that you must have carefully looked through
your mother's papers for birth records, travel
documents, immigration papers, etc. In any case if
she was born in Arad in 1911 her birth had to
registered with the authorities in Arad and her father
and mother's names were also recorded. This should be
your best bet for finding your grandfather's proper
John Kovacs

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