DEUTSCH in Trebic #austria-czech

Henry Wellisch <henry.kelwel@...>

I have followed with interest the discussion on Trebitsch and the reason is
as follows. My maternal grandfather Simon DEUTSCH was born in 1855 in Moson
(Wieselburg) in western Hungary, now known as Mosonmagyarovar. His parents
were Jakob DEUTSCH and Therese OESTERREICHER. Simon married my grandmother
in 1883 and he is referred to in the marriage register as Simon DEUTSCH
Junior. I have never been able to find out what "Senior" meant nor anything
about the rest of the DEUTSCH family, except that in some document Simon is
referred to as being "Zustaendig" in Trebitsch, even though he was born in

from this I assume that his father Jakob and perhaps his mother came from
Trebitsch. I checked now the IGI and of course there are many DEUTSCH from
Czechoslovakia, including one Jakob DEUTSCH >from Bohemia, but not one from
Trebitsch. Any comments or recommendation on what else one may do?

Henry Wellisch

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