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I am glad to participate in the Belarus discussion group. I did not
know that I had family >from Belarus until 1994 when I visited my
father's birthplace, the town of Genichesk in Ukraine. I was told that
I was the first visitor >from the United States since World War I. At
the town archives, there was a volume of Jewish births >from 1908 to
1920. I was not able to find my father's birth (1907), but I was able
to find the birth of two of his cousins, Aaron Borisovich and Aleksandr
Borisovich GINZBURG (born May 13, 1908 and January 14, 1910). Their =
parents were Boris Lazarovich GINZBURG and Haya Sara Aronovna GOLSHTEIN.
Boris was listed as a "meschanin" (petty bourgeoisie) >from Mstislavl in
the Mogilev gubernia. Thus I believe that the whole family probably
came >from Mogilev gubernia in Belarus.
The generations of the family I know are as follows: (1) Lazar
GINZBURG had sons Joseph, Boris (born abt 1883), Naum, Abram, Aaron.
Aaron was clearly dead by the time Boris named a son after him in 1908,
and I believe that Naum and Abram may have died young. Lazar died in
Genichesk around 1928.
(2a) Boris Lazarovich GINZBURG married Haya Sara Aronovna GOLSHTEIN
(GOLDSTEIN) and had sons Aaron and Aleksandr at least. Boris and his
wife died in Genichesk when the Nazis murdered all of the Jews of that
town in 1941.
(2b) Josef Lazarovich GINZBURG married Clara YAMPOLSKA and had three
children, Paulina, Serafina, and Gregori. Joseph drowned in Genichesk
around 1915 and Clara died in the typhus epidemic around 1919.
(3) Paulina and Serafina married and left the area. Gregori
Josefovich GINZBURG came to the U. S. in 1923 and is my father.
Is there any work being done on Mstislavl? I am not aware of any
films of Mstislavl vital records. Do they turn up in other films of
Mogilev gubernia? My GINZBURG family left Belarus around 1900, but some
of their family may have remained.
Any information is greatly appreciated.
Best wishes,

Barry Gaines

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