Re: Searching for Holocaust survivors #hungary



I was lucky just this summer.
I found my mother's first cousin's wife.
I found in the ITS records (the copy of Yad-va-Shem) a lady who had an
address in Budapest in 1946, according to the data I thought she was married
to my mother's first cousin.
According to Yad-Va-Shem my mother's cousin died (the testimony giver was
another cousin no longer alive).
She was 29 in 1946 so I hoped she remarried and was happy but still I wanted
to see if she (being much older then my mother) could remember things about
the family.
I did a complex search in Yad-Va-Shem and found some testimony pages given
in 1993 by a lady (not the one I was looking for) about 2 man: one her late
father and one her late husband.
This young man seemed to be the brother of the lady I was looking for.
I located the testimony page giver and through her, the lady in question!!!!
(With much help >from fellow genealogists to whom I can't thank enough).

I think we are in the last "window of time" in which we could still locate
the survivors alive (before they die of old age) and see if they can tell
anything new.

Nava Giron

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