obtaining property records #hungary


Dear group,

I am very happy to be able to report that almost four months after we first
made contact with the correct records office (in Edeleny) they have finally
come through with the records for my father's family's house and property in
Tomor, Borsod-Abauj! The office was slow and discouraging in their response,
but in the end they did the right thing and sent the documents.

I have had an intrepid researcher in Budapest working on this, and I know it
would not have been possible without his help. We now have six pages of
closely written details concerning the property and ownership, promising to yield
many items of interest and family history.

I'm writing in today to say even if they discourage you, don't give up!
If you would like to ask me any questions about this, or would like the name
of our researcher, please email me at:
_pbethweiss@aol.com_ (mailto:pbethweiss@aol.com)

Paula Weiss
New York

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