Orsha records #belarus

Corin Goodwin <corin@...>


Thanks for starting this SIG.

My ggf (Max BARSILA) and ggm (Ida BASOK) were married in Orsha on July
24, 1894 (according to the bc's of all of their children), and I am
trying to locate a copy of the marriage records. Does anyone know where
I need to write, or if such records are even extant?

I'm also hoping to track down information regarding my ggm's parents,
Jacob and Esther BASOK, who were (according to family legend) wealthy
landowners in the area at the time. Any suggestions?

//Corin Barsily Goodwin
Cupertino, CA USA

BASOK/BASSOCK (Orsha, Belarus/Scotland/Providence, RI)
DU BOFF/MISTROFF (Russia/France/NY/Connecticut)
KANEFSKY/KANEVSKY (Elizabethgrod, Ukraine)
PALMER (Illinois)
RIVKIN (Elizabethgrod, Ukraine)
VAN SANTEN (Amsterdam)
WEISS (Hungary/Czechoslavakia/New Jersey)

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