Re: Immigrants to Australia #hungary

Gabriela Svatos

Thank you so much to David for this information. My printout was >from July
2004, and at that time there was no clickable icon. A fellow H-Sigger was
going to try to access the files, but there was no success. It pays to go
back to double check these databases.

It turns out that Peter FOLDES had been in a concentration camp, and was
planning to continue his interrupted studies in NSW. Mrs. Irene MEDAK
(sponsor) was his mother's sister. George MEDAK(sponsor) is a former
internee/POW. It looks like he was arrested in Liverpool and then was
transported to Lane Cove ,NSW. There must be a story there.

Peter's father was Dr. Aladar FOLDES. He was born in Szentes Hungary in
1892. It is a good thing that these Australian files exist, because his
sister Rosa FOLDES (my ggm) was born in Cluj/ I never would
have searched for him in Szentes.

Also, in these Australian papers is information that the FOLDES family were
British by Naturalization (25.9.1944, Cert No. 1685). Now there are more
places to hunt :)))

Regards and thanks,

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