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To Judy Dennen
thank you for your response - yes it does seem that we don't have the same
Jacob - however David Laufer advises that a Jakob SCHWARTZ was on the 1848
Hungarian Census at the age of 29yrs with 2 daughters it might have been
possible except for the given name being the same?? any comments??

regards Maurie Swarts Australia

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My Jacob Schwartz was also born in Ungvar, but in 1899. They settled in
Pittsburgh, PA and he remained a bachelor until the day he died. Sorry
this thread did not pan out.

Judy Dennen: Searching for:
Shapiro/Shpunt >from Minsk,Chicago
Schwartz >from Ungvar,Pittsburgh
Denin/Dennen >from Kelme,Chicago
Shapiro/Friedman >from Krasnopol,Chicago
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my greatgrandfather Jacob SCHWARTZ was born in Unghvar now Uzgorod /
Uzhhorod on 10 October 1832.

Jacob emigrated to England in the 1850's - he fathered ten children and
became a naturalised British citizen in 1876 - he was a jeweller by

I am searching for any help in locating information on his family,
parents and siblings in what was the AustroHungarian empire in the
800's - Unghvar is now Uzhhorod in the Ukraine.

Maurice Swarts

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