ViewMate 5th Anniversary - Call for Success Stories #hungary

Vivian Kahn

I'm pleased to post this message on behalf of Bernie Kouchel.


We are delighted to report that November 2005 marks the Fifth
Anniversary of the inauguration of JewishGen's ViewMate. To date over
7,000 images of items of historical value found lurking in family
collections have been uploaded for analysis. The many quality analysis
have aided researchers to discover new, valued information about their
family links and heritage.

We extend special thanks to the many giving volunteers who provide
translations and analysis and to the JewishGen volunteer team members,
for their time and effort.

If you've had an extraordinary success related to a ViewMate aided
analysis, please submit your story to the undersigned.

ViewMate: Where researchers post scanned images of photos and documents
and ask other researchers to help them translate or analyze the
contents. Details at:

Bernard Kouchel

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