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Amos Israel Zezmer <amos.zezmer@...>

Hi, Henry.

I know of a Steinbruch family in Rio de Janeiro.

Best regards,


Henry wrote:

Hi Amos,

Thank you for your responds. Sorry I wasn't more detailed with my question.
I came across the name Jonas TREUHAFT who was married to a Rachel SCHWARTCZ
on June 2nd 1863 in Sarospatak, Hungary. He was 28 and she was 17. If you
know any of there descendents please let me know.

Also, Since you live in France Would you know any Steinbrecher or
Marmorstien family overthere?

Thank You

Henry Schwartz

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There was a Treuhaft family living in Kalamazoo, Michigan at least as
late as the late 1980's, who were close friends of ours. The parents
have passed away, being survived by a son, Tommy.

Best regards,
Amos Zezmer
Yerres, France

Henry wrote:
Hi all,

Has anyone ever heard or come across a family surname called Treuhaft?

Thank You

Henry Schwartz

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