PASKUT, FELDMAHR surnames' origin and meaning #hungary

Eric Friedman <radonc1970@...>

Hi everyone,

I've run across an ancestor PASKUT Teresa in the Gyor region of Hungary in
the early 1800s. Has anyone heard of the PASKUT surname and know of its
origins and what it means? (My own idea: Could it be some sort of analogue
of Passover/ Pesach/ Pascal/ Pascua?).

I also have the same questions about the FELDMAHR surname, also an ancestor
of mine (FELDMAHR Joachim) in the Pressburg/ Poszony/ Bratislava region,
late 1700s.

If anyone could possibly provide me any info or leads, I'd greatly
appreciate it!

Thanks so much!

Eric Friedman
Washington, DC

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