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This is a bit out of the subjects we discuss, but I found some very interesting search sites:

1. KOPI - For those of you who dwell in the academic world,


According to this page, "The purpose of the KOPI portal is to detect plagiarism and to protect documents >from being copied..."

I haven't yet tested this curious search engine, and would like to hear others opinion and experience. Please reply in private.

2. NDA Portal - Which allows searching a number of large Hungarian Archives, including the famous "Orsza'gos Sze'cse'nyi Ko:nyvta'r" library,


This one I tested and is an excellent index of old and new Hungarian documents and writings, including Jewish history in Hungary. Some returns are in .PDF format and can be downloaded. Caveat: it is in Hungarian, of course ;-)

3. These two sites have a sister site <http://szotar.sztaki.hu/index.en.jhtml>, an excellent English-Hungarian-English online dictionary.


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