Re: "Schando" for Alexander #austria-czech

Fritz Neubauer

Dough wrote:

My mother always refers to her brother Alexander (born Vienna, 1909) as

Am I correct in assuming this is a manipulation of the latter portion of
his name to create a term of familiarity?

Is (or was) this name "Schando" common?
Are you really sure you heard correctly? It appears to me that this
wording is far too close to the German word for "shame" (Schande) to be
used as a familiar nick name. Could she possibly said "Xandl"
(pronounced something like "k-sandal" which may sound like "sh ..." at
the beginning for English ears, and the Viennese "l" at the end (very
velarized) can also sound more like an English o-sound.
The authoritative dictionary for Austrian usage, the "Oesterreichisches
W├Ârterbuch", 38th edition, 1997, has the following entry on page 694:

Xandl (maennlicher Vorname): Alexander

With kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, in North German exile >from Vienna
for the past 30 years

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