Gaal's request re Igazolasi Jegy #hungary

John J Kovacs <j.kovacs@...>

Andrew Gaal asks the question could the abbreviation
"utl" on an 1871 travelIdocument stand for "utlevel"
i.e. passport?

I translate the document "Igazolasi Jegy" >from 1871 as

Identification Paper. It is issued by the local
"Szolgabiro" that in English is the "magistrate of the
administrative district." Andrew Gaal asks could the
abbreviation of "utl" on this document stand for
"utlevel" i.e. passport. Yes, it could, especially
since the letter "u" is the Hungarian "long letter u."
The question that has to be answered is, did a
magistrate of a district have the right to issue a
"passport" the way we understand it today, i.e. for
international travel? Or is this a document for
identification within Hungary or is this a personal
identification that enabled someone to travel freely
within the Austro-Hungarian Empire? I don't have
answers to these questions.

John Kovacs
Bloomfield, Michigan

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