Re(4) : Re: RE Accented Hungarian #hungary

tom klein <h-sig@...>

yes, it is nice to have a complete set of codes to use with windows. (i=
saved a copy for reference, even though i don't use a windows-based compute=

but i think it would best not to use them when sending messages to this=
list. for example, the second letter in gabor's signature, at my end,=
displays as a rather peculiar centre-dot (like a semi-colon minus the=
comma), so it sort of looks like "G.bor". i can still decipher it, but i=
don't see this as an improvement over leaving out the accents entirely.

=2E...... klein tama's, toronto

<g_hirsch@...> wrote:

Frank Valoczy gives us a valuable tool how to produce the majority of the
missing characters on the keyboard.
I hope the majority with all operating system (DOS, Windows, MAC,=
UNIX/LINUX etc.) can use this

A happy and better New Year
Best regards
G=B7bor Hirsch

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