Familiyes Fixler & Shwimmer - KoHanim #hungary

sam vank <sam.vank2@...>

To the all Researchers:

My grandmother Chana daughter of Nachman Chayim HaKohen Fixler & Scheindil
(Zani) Shwimmer.

Nachman Cayim's Father Was Avrohom Yitzchok & Chaya firth married & Zisel
2nd Mar. (sisters I don't know theyr Surname)

Scheindil Was Swimmer Hakohen >from home she isdaughter of Mordchay Tzvi or
Mordecai hersh & Malka Maiden name unknown. From: CSUSZKA, TUSKA

Avrom Yitzchok Fixler daied befor 1935 & Mordechay hersh Swimmer died on
the start of the 2nd ww.

The all buried in Volove.

Nachman Chayim & Scheindil was killed on the Holocaust.

My questions are:
Is some body know the route >from this families?
S. Yankovitsh

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